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2023: A Banner Year for Defencify

Discover how Defencify revolutionized security training in 2023! Explore our cutting-edge initiatives, from VR-enhanced guard training to seamless...

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How to Become a Security Guard?

Learn how to successfully become a security guard and immediately start a rewarding new career

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How to get a security Guard License

Determine if being a security guard is an option for you, and if so, things you can do to speed the application and licensing process with Defencify.


You Got a BSIS Audit. Now What?

You Got a BSIS Audit. Read how Defencify can help ensure compliance and minimize the fallout from a BSIS encounter.


10 Tips to Maximize Security Guard Retention

Learn Defencify's 10 tips to maximize security guard retention, keeping your security officer s engaged and satisfied with their jobs once on the...

What Does it Cost to Hire a Security Guard?

Security is a top priority for many businesses. It can be an especially big concern for smaller companies that may wonder if they have the funds to...

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5 Requirements of Security Guard Training

Your security guards are an important asset to your client's protection and safety measures, but without proper training, they can be ineffective or...

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New Illinois Unarmed Security Guard Course

We are proud to announce our new Illinois Unarmed Security Officer course. This is the training you need to work as a licensed security officer in...

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Become a Defencify Training Affiliate

Did you know you can become an affiliate with Defencify? Here's how it works: COMMISSIONS Earn between 20%-30% on total purchases made by your...


Security Guard Jobs During a Pandemic

The Coronavirus has certainly changed the way we view the workforce. One of the biggest changes the Coronavirus has caused is remote work. However,...

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Ways to Save Money On Security Guard Training

Defencify helps slash the costs of training by offering online education rather than traditional, in-person security guard training. Avoid the Costs...

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Defencify's White-Label Solution

Defencify provides Learning Management System (LMS) branding for security guard companies who offer our online courses to their guards. Our LMS...

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Defencify Training Announces New Board Member

Defencify is proud to announce a new appointment to our Board of Directors, Don Weakley, President of Peak Alarm Company, Inc. Donald Weakley was...


Following State Regulations & Compliance

Our CEO Russ Willmon, started his career in the contract security industry over 15 years ago with the guarding firm Securitas. As the qualifying...

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Finding Effective Online Security Guard Training

This week we’re discussing what to look for in finding effective online security guard training. When searching for a high-quality, effective online...


Boosting Your Company’s Hiring Pool

Did you know that private security providers that we talked to report losing 20-25% of their job applicants because they won’t or can’t commit to...

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What to expect as a Security Officer?

Being a security officer can be a rewarding and challenging career for someone who has an interest in protecting others. Besides the reward that...