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Defencify's White-Label Solution

Defencify provides Learning Management System (LMS) branding for security guard companies who offer our online courses to their guards. Our LMS branding is an entire white-label solution. 


Our Courses Reflect Your Companies Brand 

Defencify will replace our logos that are embedded in the course content with your company’s branding. This is a great option for companies who purchase our courses and want the training to directly reflect their company’s brand.

We can even create custom training courses for our clients, ensuring security guard companies will be satisfied that our course content aligns with their company's values. 


Defencify's White-Label Solution

Training Site & Certifications

We also update the training site login page with your company’s logo, background photo, and branding colors.

When students receive their certificate upon successful course completion, Defencify will switch out our logo for yours, letting students know they received an official certification from your company.


Schedule a Demo

Interested in seeing more of Defencify’s training and features? Schedule a demo with us today. We offer discounts for companies and even a monthly subscription option, saving you money on security guard training costs. 


To find out more about our white-label branding solution, contact our CEO, Russ Willmon.

Russ Willmon, CPP, CEO

385.229.7386 | | Salt Lake City

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