Defencify Helps Guard Companies By Successfully Training Their Job Applicants

Defencify’s online security guard courses successfully prepare students for the security position. Our courses contain real-life scenarios and decisions that security guards will face on the job. At Defencify, we make sure security guards realize the seriousness of the role they play. We cover topics such as The Nature and Role of Private Security, Responding to Emergencies, Communication, Report Writing, and more. 


Engaging Course Participation 

Our multimedia, interactive courses help students participate in and engage with our training. With our achievement-based modules, students are more likely to complete our course and be ready to be a security officer. In fact, Defencify’s average course completion rate is 92%. 



All of our courses comply with state-specific requirements. We update our courses as needed when new requirements arise. This avoids the legal fines and consequences of not following requirements to the letter. With Defencify, you’ll never have to worry about training compliance issues, protecting your company and guards.


Affordable Pricing

We offer affordable pricing options such as company discounts and monthly subscriptions.


View our course collection today and see how Defencify can help your guard company with your training needs. 

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