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Finding High-Quality Security Guard Training Classes In Minnesota

If you’re looking for security guard training classes in Minnesota, Defencify offers 100% online courses. 

When looking for a security guard course, there are a few things to consider. Some of these things include online vs. in-person training, affordable pricing, engaging course content that prepares you for the real world. Chances are, you also want to get your certificate quickly. This is where online training really saves you time

In-Person vs. Online Training

An advantage of an online course is that you can take the training on your own schedule, at your own pace. You can even go back and review material at your leisure and not worry about the instructor going too fast. Because our courses are mobile-optimized, you can learn on-the-go.  

Affordable Pricing 

To earn your MN security guard card, you must complete 12 hours of training. Defencify’s online 12-hour course, approved by the Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services, is only $99. You can enroll in a course today and earn your guard card quickly and efficiently. We offer 10% discounts and affordable payment plans

We also offer a Minnesota security guard license renewal course for just $79. 

Engaging, Real-Life Based Content

With Defencify’s courses, you participate in fun, rewarding games and earn badges and medals throughout each module. Our training uses gamification aspects, which means it’ll feel more like playing an educational game that mimics real-life scenarios, accurately preparing you for life as a security officer.

Receiving Your Certification Quickly 

You are automatically emailed your guard card certificate upon successful course completion. Once you undergo a fingerprint and background check, you’re ready to be a security officer. It’s that easy.

Renewal Security Guard License Course 

A 6-hour online renewal course is required each year after completing the initial 12-hour course to work as a security officer in the state of Minnesota. You can even complete your guard card renewal in as little as one day with Defencify’s renewal course.

Interested in starting a security guard course now? Click here to see our full list of approved Minnesota security guard courses. Enrollment takes just a few clicks.

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