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Online Security Guard Training - Defencify, Your Best Choice

Security guard firms have a choice when it comes to online security officer training. They can:
  1. Build original courseware themselves
  2. Purchase off-the-shelf training modules
  3. Subscribe to the Defencify online security guard training platform

A. Build Your Own Security Courseware

Firms can build original courseware themselves. But that is an expensive and time consuming proposition. It requires curriculum development, authoring, and eLearning programming skills. And the onus is on the firm to ensure it meets state criteria for topics, length, and testing to yield a Guard Card.

B. Purchase Off-the-Shelf Security Training Modules

Firms can purchase off-the-shelf training modules; there are several commercially available. They may guarantee state certification, but there is no control over content, they won’t be periodically updated to keep up with changes to state laws and compliance policies, there is no opportunity for customization, and there is little or no customer support.

C. Subscribe to the Defencify Online Security Guard Training Platform

Increasingly the answer is “C”, especially in the growing list of states [insert hyperlink to Which States Allow Online Unarmed Security Guard Training? SFA when posted] in which Defencify is certified. Defencify provides access to all the state approved content required for unarmed security guards to earn their license. There’s no need to undertake the task of building your own training or risking that it will not meet state criteria for a license.

Defencify's Online Security Guard Training Platform: The Best Choice for Your Contract Security Firm

Here’s what makes the Defencify online security guard training platform the best choice for your growing contract security firm:

  • Designed using modern eLearning standards. Defencify instructional designers are experienced in the security industry and are well-versed in adult learning theory and online training technology. Engaging course design features a mixture of multi-media, live talent, and animations to expose candidates to the latest security techniques.
  • State-specific content. Defencify works with state licensing authorities to ensure courseware meets each state’s unique certification requirements and is periodically updated to maintain compliance.
  • Self-paced and easily accessible. Course content is accessible 24/7 and is device-agnostic. Students can take a course wherever, whenever it is convenient for them on any device. Don't wait weeks for a class to fill up, Defencify gets students started today!
  • Constant interactivity. All Defencify modules require active student participation. Students cannot simply launch a course and leave the room; bidirectional communication, games, rewards, and testing are built in to ensure timely responses throughout the training.
  • Brandable and customizable. The Defencify security guard training platform can be customized to reflect your brand. Use your company logo and imagery, choose the courses you want to populate your online library, create your own settings, and monitor your users’ experience and progress.
  • Smart, with powerful reporting tools. Lighten your administrative burden. The Defencify platform recommends the next course in the curriculum, sends emails to remind guards when it is time for recertification, and provides detailed reporting to analyze training effectiveness.
  • Extremely affordable with zero risk. Training is sold by seat licenses, which are low cost and easily transferable to the next class of new hires. Customers only paying for training modules taken by employees and are free to cancel at any time.
  • Supplies the burden of proof. A Defencify subscription includes free access to our records management portal. Training records of every employee are stored indefinitely in the cloud with instant access. Employers can quickly show proof of compliance in the event of an incident.

What makes Defencify the best training option for you? When a student completes a Defencify training course customized for your firm there is no question about whether it adheres to state standards for certification, and Proof of Completion certificates are automatically and immediately issued for download and stored in the cloud for compliance.

Is your firm ready to modernize and simplify its unarmed security guard training program in ways that will grow the business with minimal administrative impact? Visit us at and download our free whitepaper on: the benefits of integrating online instruction into your training program.

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