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A Comprehensive Guide to Arizona Security Guard License Requirements and Training

Arizona, and Phoenix in particular, is one of the fastest growing geographies in the United States. As such, career opportunities for armed and unarmed security guards are plentiful. The climate lends itself to many outdoor activities and events so those seeking employment as a security guard in Arizona should be prepared to work long periods in extreme heat, especially during the summer months.

Arizona Security Guard Licensing Process

Getting your security guard license in Arizona is a pretty straightforward process. The Arizona Department of Public Safety Licensing Unit is the agency tasked with regulating security guards, security agencies, private investigators, and private investigative agencies across the state. Here you will find links to application forms, fee schedules, qualifications, and disqualifiers for earning a Guard Card.

There are two classifications of security guards in Arizona: unarmed and armed. Both require applicants to be at least 18 years old and licensed before being assigned to a post as a security guard.

To earn a license as an unarmed security guard, candidates must take a mandatory 8-hour basic training course, pass the final exam, and present a certified course completion certificate to the Arizona DPS Licensing Unit with your application.

The course covers topics including criminal law and the laws of arrest, recognizing crimes, search and seizure, use of force, ethics, and sexual harassment training. This course may be taken online or in person.

For those looking to become an armed security guard, an additional 16 hours of firearms training is required and includes a live fire range qualification and written test. The armed course cannot be taken online, and can only be taken after successful completion of unarmed training.

In Arizona, Guard Cards are valid for a period of two years from date of licensure. Unarmed guards must take the course every two years to maintain their license. Armed guards are required to re-qualify on the range and pass the written test every calendar year.

The in-person license fees in Arizona for new and renewing guard cards are $72 for an unarmed license and $122 for an armed license. When processing applications online the fees are slightly higher: $84 for an unarmed license and $134 for an armed license. The annual re-qualification for armed guards is offered at no cost whether applying in-person or online.

Requirements & Disqualifiers
for Arizona Guard Cards

In addition to being 18 years or older, applicants for both unarmed and armed security officer positions must be a US citizen and/or show proper identification to have a legal right to work in the US. Candidates cannot be on parole, probation, a sex offender list, dishonorably discharged from the military, or deemed mentally incompetent. See this Arizona DPS page for a complete list of disqualifiers.

Regarding criminal history, felony convictions within the past five years for physical violence, arson, theft, misconduct with a deadly weapon, or drug-related offenses will immediately disqualify you from getting a license in Arizona. However, there are minor offenses which may not impact your application.

Contact the Arizona DPS if you have questions about whether a criminal event in your past rises to the level of disqualification.

Toward that end, be aware that all applicants are required to submit fingerprints that will be checked against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal database. Fees will apply.

Also, the state of Arizona publishes an expansive list of restrictions on uniforms, badges, and vehicle markings and lights to avoid confusion between local and federal law enforcement and private security personnel. The security firm usually provides a uniform that meets state standards.

Four Free Courses Demo

Get Your Arizona Security Guard Career Started with Defencify

Defencify is one of the approved training providers for Arizona DPS new unarmed security guard basic training and license renewal training in the state of Arizona. (Armed security guard training requires hands-on firearms classes that cannot be performed remotely).

Rather than wait weeks for a class to be scheduled to attend eight hours of live instructor-led classes with its associated time and travel expenses, Defencify’s affordable, mobile-optimized online training courses allow you to enroll in just a few clicks and complete the training on your schedule, at your pace, on your device, wherever you choose – the same day you enroll if desired.

Defencify’s self-paced, online unarmed security officer training programs are guaranteed to satisfy Arizona’s security guard licensing requirements.

Defencify courseware is created by instructional designers working together with the Arizona DPS to ensure the training covers the necessary information as required by the State and exceeds the minimum time requirements.

Security officer training concepts are presented in short, stimulating modules so information is understood and remembered easily. Gamification and interactive scenarios make learning engaging and fun, enabling you to pass course exams to obtain your guard card quickly. Students can repeat modules as many times as necessary to grasp the concepts presented.

In Arizona, security guard licenses must be issued through a security agency that is currently licensed with the Arizona DPS. Therefore, Defencify partners with Victory Investigations & Protective Services, LLC. Within 24 business hours after completing the course, a certified instructor from Victory Investigations & Protective Services will email you a Guard Card application form with the instructor section filled out attesting to your successful completion of the course.

Applicants then submit the form along with a state-issued ID, head shot photo, a complete set of fingerprints, and the appropriate fees to the Arizona DPS. Once approved, your license will be delivered by mail.

Are you looking to start your career as an unarmed security guard in Arizona? Visit to learn more about registering for the training you need to earn your license.

For security guard firms seeking affordable online training options for your entire workforce, sign up for a free trial of Defencify’s courseware offerings to see how Defencify can get your new hires into the field faster.

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