Customize Your Online Security Training Courseware with Defencify

Defencify is a security industry online training content development firm. Our in-house instructional design team is well versed in adult learning theory and the latest e-learning technologies.

Every module Defencify builds embeds interactivity into key learning points, engaging students through live action video, animated scenarios, exercises, games, and quizzes to ensure a high level of knowledge transfer. We apply our online security training courseware authoring skills expressly to the security guard market.

Defencify content developers have deep experience in the security industry. Most are board certified in Security Management, and the company founder is also CPP-certified through the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the gold standard for certification in the security industry.

All Defencify online security training courses are designed in partnership with individual state authorities to ensure content meets state-specific licensing requirements and mandates for compliance, hours, and testing.

Defencify currently offers a digital catalog of over 20 online courses covering a variety of security topics from New Security Officer Training to Use of Force, Power To Arrest, and Professional Conduct and Ethics Training that are certified across multiple states.

We also offer specialized training on supplementary subjects, using OSHA and CDC-approved guidelines to build state-certified courses on fire safety, sexual harassment prevention, COVID compliance, and others.

In addition to our growing library of branded online training modules, Defencify is also capable of creating customized online courseware for individual security firms that can be remotely delivered to employees at the time, place, and pace of their choosing on their own devices. Collaborating with client subject matter experts, Defencify can:

  • Modify existing courses to match company branding. Defencify’s certified content remains intact and adheres to the standards of the licensing state, with client company logos, color schemes, photographs, and uniforms tailored to reflect your firm’s brand. Additional client-specific policies and procedures can be baked into any module.
  • Build vertical market courseware. Defencify can develop original online training content to address the needs or threats of specific vertical markets. Cannabis stores, for example, have unique security requirements and emergency procedures along with a heightened sense of event awareness. Security guard training for a sprawling gated residential community is very different from the skills needed to patrol an urban high-rise or an active construction site. Defencify can put instructional designers on the task to create training modules optimized for any vertical market or environment.
  • Create customized online training for one-time events or unique environments. In partnership with individual clients, Defencify can develop employee orientation modules, for example, that include a welcome video from management, a mechanism to confirm the review and acceptance of onboarding and compliance policies from HR, and any other information deemed necessary for new hires. Training a large workforce for event security at a concert, political conference, or a college bowl game? Is the site a school, stadium, factory, or utility that has fixed evacuation routes or hazmat procedures in the event of an emergency? Defencify can create courseware for one-off events or specialized guard training customized to the exact procedures or layout of a particular environment.

Does your security guard company have a need for customized courseware or certified training on a topic that you do not see in our online catalog? Not sure if your state even permits online security officer training? Most recently, Defencify has been instrumental in gaining legislative approval for online self-paced security officer training in Delaware and North Dakota to get or renew a Guard Card.

We are always expanding our offerings and welcome the opportunity to work with security guard firms from around the world to deliver branded, customized, or original courseware using online technology to eliminate the cost and inconvenience of live instructor-led training.

Contact us at www.defencifytraining.comto learn more or to schedule a demonstration and a free trial of the Defencify online security guard training platform.

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