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Transforming Security Guard Jobs into Careers in Security

Being an unarmed security guard is an honest, respectable way to make a living. There is job security in security; good officers are always in demand, it’s a great way to meet people, and it can be a springboard to many different careers in the security industry.

Most states require that unarmed security guards be licensed; proof of having taken a minimum of number of hours of state-certified classroom instruction on roles and responsibilities, passing a final exam, and clearing a background check to earn a Guard Card.

An unarmed security guard is the entry-level position in the industry. Defencify offers the state-approved content required for new hires to earn their license in an online, self-paced model.

Currently certified in ten states, the Defencify platform substitutes expensive live classroom instruction for convenient, consistent, and modernized remote unarmed security officer training. Defencify is the easiest and most affordable way to get guards into the field faster.

Going Above and Beyond Basic Guard Training

But there’s more to being a security guard than what must be covered in the state-required training modules to earn a license. And most people don't want to be a frontline security guard forever; they want to move up the corporate ladder and transform their guard jobs into careers in security.

Continuing education opportunities are key to career development and employee retention, and a great tool to combat the number one issue facing private contract security firms: turnover.

Some subjects, like firearms and explosives training, bodyguard techniques, and self-defense tactics can only be taught through hands-on instruction. Others, like command center training, need to be performed on-site to practice with the actual equipment and technologies in use.

Customized & Branded Online Training & Continuing Education Modules

However, there are multiple topics that can be transformed into online digital content for consistent, anytime consumption by all employees. Some of these modules are designed to increase the efficiencies of management, others are for the betterment of employees, but all aid in enhancing job performance and retention.

In addition to offering state-certified basic training to get your guard workforce up and running, the curriculum design experts at Defencify can build customized and branded online training content and continuing education modules for:

  • New Hire Orientation. Getting hired and earning a Guard Card is only the first step to employment. Most firms will not post officers to the field without first having attended orientation. This is when employees learn about company-specific policies from dress codes and sick days to benefits and what constitutes discrimination in the workplace. Often, the class concludes with a message from the owner or CEO about the company mission, its values, and what it takes to be a valued member of the team.

  • Career advancement. Give employees the chance to better themselves and learn new skills through online training. Defencify offers specialized continuing education modules on multiple topics from Use of Force, Public Relations, Harassment Prevention, De-escalation Tactics, Dealing with COVID-19 in Work Environments, and more.

  • Crisis intervention training (CIT). More than de-escalation training, CIT teaches officers to look for certain behaviors before a situation spirals out of control, such as signs of drug use or mental illness.

  • Assignment or task-based training. Teach every guard who may be posted to a particular site the nuances of performing their duties exactly to customer directives with proper situational responses. There may be specific emergency shut-off procedures, evacuation routes, patrol points to follow, or personnel to notify in the event of a crisis.

  • Seasonal/temporary work. Standardize the information presented to a different crop of recruits working the same event every year, like a golf tournament or county fair. Easily get an expanded workforce up to speed to handle crunch times for annual events.

  • Incident reporting procedures. Train your guards to fill out forms and incident reports the right way the first time to avoid errors, delays, legal confusion, and maintain compliance for future security audits.

  • CPR and first aid training. Yes, basic CPR and first aid instruction for responding to disasters or emergency medical situations can be presented using online technology.

Rather than hold live orientation classes that eat into valuable executives’ time, ask supervisors to accompany officers during site-specific training, or teach new groups of guards to work the same special event every year or fill out reports in long, boring classroom training sessions, Defencify has a better way.

Defencify can build customized online training modules to present the same HR policies, deliver the same CEO welcome message, review the same task-based procedures and responses, and provide continuing education opportunities with consistency and repeatability to every employee.

All tailored to your organization’s values, processes, and reflecting the company brand. Offer your employees the chance to turn their job into a career. Visit us at to learn more.

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