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Defencify Online Security Training in Texas: Big Boots to Fill

Texas is a big place with lots of people, cities, and events. From El Paso to Houston, Amarillo to Brownsville, there’s always something big happening like concerts, festivals, and ball games, and there’s always a need for trained security guards.

Texas is booming, too, attracting lots of major corporations and with them, lots of new people. That means new construction projects and the need for security services to protect assets, tools, structures, and businesses during and after construction.

With all this growth comes increased demand for qualified security officers, and these days, we all know good help is hard to find. That means paying more to find and retain personnel to meet growing staffing requirements.

Security guard firms in Texas need solutions that will cast a wider net for qualified candidates and make training more effective and affordable in order to hire and keep the best officers. Being a licensed Texas security officer requires training and certification. Luckily, there is a single set of licensing standards for security guards applying to all of Texas. To ensure compliance, security guard firms in Texas need Defencify.

Defencify has invested big time in developing state-approved online security officer training courseware in partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) specifically to address the growing need for licensed security guards across the state.

Defencify offers a menu of state-approved courses needed for candidates to get their Texas Guard Card and begin a career as a licensed security officer in the state as quickly as possible. Our library of online, self-paced training classes can be taken anywhere, anytime, on any device, helping to attract and retain a better class of candidate.

In fact, students do not need to be a current Texas resident to take Defencify courses. That means people planning to relocate to Texas can arrive with license in hand, pre-approved to work in the state.

Texas Online Security Guard Training

Here is a summary of Defencify courseware offerings approved by the Texas DPS:

All Defencify online training courses are self-paced, allowing students to proceed through the modules at the time, place, and on the device of their choosing. Built on modern eLearning principles and designed by Defencify’s experienced curriculum development team and a guaranteed to meet Texas DPS standards for security guard licensing. Interactivity is built-in through integrated gaming, exercises, and quizzes. Students can start, pause, and restart modules as needed; there’s no requirement to complete the class in one session, and students can replay lessons as necessary to reinforce concepts.

Defencify is the fastest path to security guard certification in Texas. Visit us at to learn more.

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