Boosting Your Company’s Hiring Pool

Did you know that private security providers that we talked to report losing 20-25% of their job applicants because they won’t or can’t commit to attending an in-person guard card training class?

Given Covid-19 challenges, many people can’t be away from their children doing online-person schooling. Training at home gives parents the flexibility to complete state-required training  for a guard card without the hassle of attending in-person training. 

Guard companies also report that  some of their participants don’t even show up for the first day of training, or they don’t return after lunch, or they finish the course and go work for another company.


Defencify works toward solving these problems by providing affordable, 100% online security guard training. We offer budget-friendly pricing for individual courses as well as convenient monthly subscription rates, making calculating cost savings a cinch.

In addition, while most providers report an average program completion rate of 75%, Defencify’s average course completion for new security guards is 92%

This is because our training concepts are presented in short, stimulating bursts so that information is digested and remembered easily. 

Interactive, engaging activities help make our courses fun and our gaming-approach allow students to test their knowledge. Throughout our modules, students are also awarded for completing tasks with badges and medals. 


Final Thoughts 

Defencify courses promote the growth of your hiring pool by offering flexibility to job seekers who have difficulty attending an in-person class. Employees can sharpen their skills while on the job site thereby enhancing work performance and improving employee retention, not to mention keeping your clients happy.

To schedule a free demo, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions on how Defencify can serve you.



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