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Avoid the Costs of In-Person Training with Defencify’s Online Security Guard Courses

Traditionally, in-person security guard courses can be costly. Security guard providers have to pay a trainer(s) salary, pay for a training facility and training materials, consider travel costs for students, etc. However, all of these expenses can be avoided with online training


Online Security Guard Course Benefits


Defencify passes on the savings to providers by offering 100% online security guard courses. Our high-quality, engaging courses provide future security guards the chance to earn their guard card efficiently without the expense of in-person training. In fact, depending on state requirements, students could complete training in as little as 8 hours and obtain their guard card certification the same day. This means your security guards can be trained with consistent content all in the comfort of their own home. Students will enjoy not having to travel or sit in a classroom for long periods of time, while providers can save thousands on classroom training. 

Defencify's online security guard courses

Our courses are interesting and require engaged learning and participation.

We help lower the cost of training while improving employee knowledge and retention with our interactive, gamification courses. Quizzes throughout each module test student’s knowledge and in return, students are rewarded with badges and medals.  

With our design, user experience and multimedia, the online instruction is a richer and more effective learning experience than traditional in-classroom methods. Students can learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, and pause and resume the course as needed. 

Want to learn more about Defencify’s online security guard courses and how we save you money? View our full list of courses. We offer monthly subscription rates and volume discount pricing as well. Contact us to learn more. We’d be happy to assist you. 


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