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Ways to Save Money On Security Guard Training

Defencify helps slash the costs of training by offering online education rather than traditional, in-person security guard training.  


Avoid the Costs and Hassle of In-Person Training:

  • Time and cost finding and hiring qualified trainers
  • Expensive facilities and upkeep, catering food, training materials, and sometimes trainee travel reimbursement
  • COVID-19 requires social distancing space and regular desensitization, increasing costs and staff time 
  • Scheduling difficulties and weather, all of which take staff resources to manage 

In other words, classroom training comes with a lot of upfront and ongoing costs

Defencify avoids all of these expenses by providing 100% online security guard training. 


Fast Training & Automatic Certification

With Defencify, students can train on their own schedule, in their own home. This means students can take a course and be certified quickly. Upon successful course completion, students are automatically emailed their certification, ready to send off their application and become a security officer.

With our online training, we speed up the process vs. in-person courses. Depending on state requirements, certain courses can be completed in as little as 8 hours, enabling students to complete a course and receive their certification that same day. This is a great option during the holiday season when security guard companies need to hire officers quickly. 


Reliable Records

Defencify’s system-generated notifications keep you up-to-date on your officers' progress. Training records are stored on the cloud and are accessible 24/7, making it easy to stay compliant with your state and company’s requirements.  


Continuing Education Courses

Defencify also offers continuing education courses. This helps security guards to be constantly learning and up-to-date on the latest security protocols. We offer courses such as Legal Responsibilities and Use of Force, Responding To and Documenting Critical Events, and more. 


Affordable Pricing 

Defencify offers the highest-quality, online security guard training available at an affordable rate, ranging from only $49 - $99 per course for our basic security guard training. We offer company discounts and monthly subscription options


Contact us today to schedule a demo. We’d love to assist you with any further inquiries. 


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