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Use Defencify’s Online Training Courses to Build a Strong Bench of Work-Ready Guards

Needing to train your security guards efficiently and without a heavy price tag? Defencify can help. We provide 100% online courses, reducing the costs of in-person training.  



Our CEO, Russ Willmon, began his career in the contract security field with Securitas. He saw the challenges that revolve around in-person training including following state requirements and accurate record tracking. Russ decided to remove these obstacles by creating online training and cloud-based records, helping guard companies stay compliant with state license training and record-keeping mandates. Guard companies can easily keep track of their officer’s progress and certifications.  


Real-Life Scenarios 

Our training accurately reflects real-life scenarios guards will face on the job. We work with experts in the security guard industry to create courses that will successfully prepare officers for their position and reduce liability concerns. 



Defencify provides mobile-optimized training. This means guards can learn on-the-go from their phone or tablet. Guards can take renewal or continuing education courses with ease. 


High Completion Rates 

On average, Defencify’s course completion rate is 92%. We create courses that are engaging to students and drive participation. Our courses are cheat-proof, helping guard companies hire officers who will be equipped to protect company assets and civilians, writing reports, searching a suspect, the power to arrest, and more.  


Affordable Pricing 

We offer monthly subscription rates and discounts. Contact us today to schedule a demo. 

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