Defencify Security Training Courseware Integrates with Your LMS

Many security guard companies handle their training needs internally and have implemented a learning management system (LMS) to present courseware remotely to employees through the company network. Security officers and candidates can then complete necessary training at their convenience to satisfy state licensing requirements for a Guard Card or license renewal.

An effective LMS is a virtual platform to curate, control, and ensure consistent training content and delivery across populations of remote employees.

More than a digital training library, an LMS integrates mechanisms to track individual employee progress through an entire curriculum. It monitors student performance, automatically makes recommendations for next-level courses, generates proof of completion certificates, stores student histories for proof of compliance, and offers powerful analytics and reporting tools for administrators to benchmark entire workforces.

There are many commercially available LMS platforms to choose from…actually over 800 at last count. Almost all support portal customization capabilities to reflect a company’s brand, allowing the business to offer online training as a seamless extension of its web presence.

Another thing common to the best LMS platforms is that they are built on Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) technology. SCORM compliance means interactive multi-media training content built into modules can be accurately displayed using any device connected to a SCORM-compliant LMS platform.


Populating an LMS is Different from Creating Content


So LMS’s are great platforms for security guard companies to organize and present online content and track employee certification progress, but they are not courseware authoring tools. Designing effective online training featuring multi-media and meeting modern instructional design standards is a completely different skill set.

It’s one thing for a large security firm to have the resources to manage and populate an LMS with courses, it’s quite another to have the bandwidth and talent in-house to create original courseware. Security companies must ensure content adheres to state licensing requirements and must constantly modify existing modules to keep pace with ever-changing mandates and compliance standards in every jurisdiction for which they provide guard services – all while maintaining the highest standards for student engagement.

Then there are smaller security companies that would like to have an LMS but cannot afford it, much less hire instructional designers to build and maintain a state-certified online training library for guard licensing.

Fortunately, Defencify offers a turn-key, SCORM-compliant LMS solution complete with customizable, certified content that can be scaled for any security firm, large or small.

Defencify is an online training content development firm specializing in the security industry. With impeccable credentials in the areas of adult learning theory and security management, our team of experienced instructional designers has built a catalog of over 20 online courses guaranteed to meet security guard licensing standards in over one dozen US states and territories – and integrate with any SCORM-compliant LMS. Defencify offers its digital knowledge base to security firms in several flavors:

  • Companies can subscribe to Defencify and have training delivered to online employees via the Defencify hosted learning management system. This option presents certified training content using the Defencify brand and web portal. A great solution for security firms without an internal LMS or those seeking alternatives to expensive live instructor-led training classes. Simply pay as you go by the head.
  • Defencify can share courseware through the cloud, integrating with your company’s existing external LMS platform. Defencify’s certified training content is first customized to take on the brand and culture of the customer, and then exported in a SCORM-compliant format to the target LMS. This licensing option is excellent for security firms wishing to maintain a single identity for all training and online corporate resources. (A small one-time customization fee may apply). Authorized users have instant access to select modules as they become available, while administrators have total control over user activity without having to navigate another LMS.
  • White-label reselling of Defencify security guard training services. Capture new revenues and add value by offering state-certified security guard training services to local candidates through your brand. Defencify supplies the content, you supply the students. Get a cut of every seat license – whether or not you employ them.


Don’t have an LMS platform? Want one? Already have an LMS but not the talent to fill it with content? Let Defencify serve as an extension of your training department, from hosting or branded LMS integration to for-profit reselling of state-certified security guard training services. Contact Defencify to learn more.

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