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Defencify Training Announces Strategic Partnership with Dealplay for Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Training Solutions

Defencify Training, a leading provider of online training solutions for the security guard industry, announced a strategic partnership with Dealplay, a virtual reality (VR) training design and development company. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the realm of security guard training, as it combines Defencify's expertise in eLearning and professional security management with Dealplay's innovative VR technology to deliver immersive and interactive training experiences.

Revolutionizing Security Guard Training Through Virtual Reality

The collaboration between Defencify Training and Dealplay is set to revolutionize the way security personnel are trained, providing an unparalleled learning experience that enhances situational awareness, decision-making skills, and crisis response abilities. By leveraging the power of VR technology, trainees will be fully immersed in realistic scenarios, allowing them to develop critical skills in a safe and controlled environment.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Dealplay to bring cutting-edge virtual reality training to the security guard industry," said Russell Willmon, CEO of Defencify Training. "This partnership allows us to further our commitment to providing the most effective and innovative training solutions for our clients, ensuring they have a well-prepared and highly skilled guardforce to meet the demands of their security operations."

The Synergy of Defencify Training and Dealplay: A New Era in Security Training

With Dealplay's expertise in VR design and development, Defencify Training will expand its online training offerings to include a wide range of VR modules covering areas such as use of force, crisis intervention, emergency response, and de-escalation techniques. This comprehensive approach aims to equip security guards with the necessary tools to handle real-life challenges confidently and professionally.

"We are excited to partner with Defencify Training to transform security guard training through immersive virtual reality experiences," said Chris Thomas, CEO of Dealplay. "Our combined expertise will deliver unmatched training solutions that empower security personnel to perform at their best, ensuring safety and security for their clients."

Defencify Training and Dealplay are committed to providing customizable and scalable VR training solutions that cater to the unique needs of each security organization. The partnership's goal is to elevate training standards, improve compliance, and create a safer environment for both security personnel and the public they serve.

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