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What to expect as a Security Officer?

Being a security officer can be a rewarding and challenging career for someone who has an interest in protecting others. Besides the reward that comes from having a meaningful job, a career as a security officer also offers competitive compensation and benefits. Often people do not realize such a career is easily within their grasps. Security officer jobs are widely available and only require a security officer license which can easily be obtained through services such as Defencify Training. Click here to learn more about our online security officer course.

Listed below are critical skills and attributes a security officer must possess. Whether the security officer protects a mall or a government building, they play a critical role in the organization’s security program. The skills and attributes which every private security officer must possess include:

  • Vigilance. Security officers must always remain alert and constantly aware of their surroundings; seeing, hearing, assessing. Maintaining focus and avoiding distractions is necessary in order to be aware of potential risks that may occur on the premises. Be alert. Listen. Watch.
  • Integrity. Security personnel are responsible for safeguarding the client’s premises and valuables. Honesty and trust are critical to the integrity of the security program and it should not be compromised. Trust plays a key role in creating an open forum for reporting irregularities and sharing information which helps to support the security department’s goals and objectives.
  • Effective Communication Skills. Communication, both verbal and written, is an important part of a security officer’s job. Security personnel may interact with people throughout the course of their work, or they might be required to explain company rules or policies to incoming visitors. Directing emergency services or relaying important facts and information during an unfolding event requires direct and clear communication. Written reports are also an important function of the job; it includes documenting shift activity and incidents that occur on the client’s premises. Security officer reports are “official” legal documents which may be used by the company’s legal team or presented as evidence in a court hearing.
  • Sound Judgment. Security officers may confront special circumstances or situations where the appropriate course of action is not entirely clear. In those instances, it is necessary to consider every possible option, weigh carefully the potential outcomes, and choose the most appropriate response based on the information that is available at the time.


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