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Our CEO Russ Willmon, started his career in the contract security industry over 15 years ago with the guarding firm Securitas. As the qualifying agent at his branch office, Russ was ultimately responsible for compliance with state requirements. He was also responsible for training his guardforce to company standards. When the company’s legal team reached out to him in the event of employee negligence, one of the first things that they would ask is “Did you train the employee and where are the training to prove you did? The constant frustration of trying to track in-classroom training and coming across personnel files without adequate paper records, led Russ to found Defencify.    

To become a licensed security officer in multiple states and local jurisdictions, individuals need to complete required training. Training requirements vary depending on state regulations and site-specific requirements. Following state-mandates is crucial to running a successful business. Failure to do so could result in heavy fines, costly lawsuits, or even the closure of some companies. So how do security guard companies guarantee they’re following such mandates?

Training must be kept current -- no small feat. Traditional, in-classroom training simply cannot keep up with the constant changes to licensing rules. Defencify routinely updates our training for ongoing regulation changes specific to the state and jurisdictions which change frequently to stay compliant and inform you of those changes. That’s our job, to help you where it matters most.

Security guard providers must also maintain accurate, up-to-date training records at all times.  Doing so will go a long way towards protecting your company and its assets. Defencify maintains all training records, including legally required records, as well as provides automated licensing renewal reminders and assignment of training, providing companies with better compliance management. Defencify’ s training platform also provides system-generated notifications to keep your company’s administrators and key managers aware of your officers' progress with training. 

Finally, effective training is key to avoid expensive liability costs due to inadequately trained officers. Defencify’ s interactive content ensures a consistent and verifiable training experience with multimedia content that requires engaged participation to pass. This provides companies with the confidence that their officers are trained to above the company’s standards. 

We also offer a full white-label solution, or LMS branding. This means Defencify can replace our logos with your company’s branding making it a seamless experience as part of your total training solution to reflect your company’s brand and culture

Overall, Defencify is more compliant, flexible, and interactive than traditional training solutions and your best partner for achieving success in security guard training.

We currently offer online Security Guard Training for Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, and Utah. Texas and Illinois pending. Below is a breakdown of each state’s requirements and how Defencify’ s courses are compliant with said requirements. 


The Arizona Department of Public Safety requires all that Security Guards be licensed in the State of Arizona and complete 8 hours of approved training. Defencify’ s online Arizona DPS New Unarmed Guard Course meets state requirements and is offered in partnership with Anderson Security Agency Ltd who is licensed under the Arizona Department of Public Safety (license #1003692). We also offer the 8-hour renewal course that is required every year, too.


California BSIS requires 40 hours of approved training (8 hours before being assigned a post, 16 hours within 30 days of guard card approval, & 16 hours within 6 months of guard card approval). We are currently offering a 40-hour bundle which includes ALL of the courses required by law! We also offer the 8-hour renewal course that is required every year, too. 

In addition, California employers with 5 or more employees are required by law to provide 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training to ALL supervisors and 1 hour of such training to ALL non-supervisory employees before January 1, 2021. Training must take place within 6 months of hire or promotion and every 2 years thereafter.

We offer a 1-hour course (for employees) and a 2-hour course (for supervisors) that complies with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing guidelines of sexual harassment prevention training for non-supervisory employees in conjunction with CA SB 1343.


Defencify offers an online course for Denver & Colorado Springs, Colorado security officers. Our training meets the requirements to become a security guard in Denver and is approved by the City and County of Denver. Our 16-hour course will enable students to become a security officer once they receive their Denver-approved certificate of completion. We also offer the 8-hour renewal course that is required every year, too. 



Approved by the Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services, Defencify’s 12-hour NEW and 6-hour RENEWAL online course will provide students with a Minnesota-approved certificate upon completion. 


The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing requires a minimum 8-hours of  state-approved training to obtain a guard license. Our approved online course meets this requirement. We also offer a 30-hour course bundle towards the 32-hour continuing education training required every two years.

We also offer continuing education and renewal courses. 

Defencify is your best online security guard training for state-licensing, site-specific training, and continuing education. Contact us today to book a short 15-minute demo to explore online training options for your company. 


Defencify Team



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