Security Guard Jobs During a Pandemic

The Coronavirus has certainly changed the way we view the workforce. One of the biggest changes the Coronavirus has caused is remote work. However, not everyone has the ability to work from home. 

In the security guard industry, officers must work on-site to protect company assets and property. Officers now wear masks and socially distance. 

Guards must also take an annual renewal course to maintain their license. But in-person training means fewer students can attend due to social distancing guidelines. 


In-Person Training 

Defencify mitigates the challenges and risks of in-person learning. We provide 100% online security guard training. This is a great option for students who wish to prevent the risks of catching the virus in a classroom setting and instead can train from home. 

Guard companies can avoid the additional expenses of in-person training. Our courses are mobile-optimized so guards can even take a course on the job.



Hire More Guards In Less Time 

With our training, students automatically receive their certificate upon successful course completion, helping students get hired quickly and companies hire more guards in less time. 

Training records are stored on the cloud and are accessible 24/7, making it easy to stay compliant with your state and company requirements.  

Interested in seeing a sample of Defencify’s courses? Click here to schedule a demo or contact us with any questions you may have. We’d be happy to assist you. 

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