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Lower Security Guard Training Expenses, Not Quality, With Defencify

Defencify improves training outcomes for security guards and firms by shifting from antiquated in-person instructor-led classes to a series of self-paced online training courses featuring the latest eLearning technologies to enable applicants to earn a Guard Card.

The Defencify online training platform:

  1. Expands the pool of candidates who are willing and able to complete the training.
  2. Produces a better class of security guard through superior curriculum design.
  3. Offers powerful reporting tools to monitor employee progress and supply proof of compliance in the event of a security-related incident.

Lower Your Security Guard Expense and Improve the Quality of your Training:

But did you know that migrating to online training can save your security guard firm thousands of dollars every month in hard costs, and in fact more than pay for itself every month while improving the quality of the training you offer?

Live in-person training requires a classroom and of course, an instructor. If space is not available on-site, a furnished venue must be rented. Add the expenditures of supplies, lunch, and snacks for attendees over a multi-day course – plus instructor fees – and the cost could exceed several thousand dollars for every class.

Depending upon the size of the firm, the instructor may be a third-party consultant, an internal salaried employee or trainer, or perhaps the owner who takes time away from marketing the business and signing new clients to personally train new employees. Every option detracts from the bottom line.

And let’s not discount the soft costs of waiting days or weeks for the training to begin while the firm hires enough applicants to justify holding a new hire class. Not to mention the time and cost of building the courseware in-house, ensuring it stays current with changing state licensing regulations, and testing students to state-approved standards.

Compare this to the price of subscribing to the Defencify online training platform.

Security guard firms pay a subscription fee of $300 per month to access the Defencify platform and its entire catalog of on-demand, state-certified training courses for all employees – whenever they start, wherever they live.

Firms can access the Defencify portal directly or integrate the platform into their own learning management system (LMS). Clients pay a small fee per seat, usually just $12, for each active user.

There’s no need to wait until a minimum number of students are signed up to start the training, no tools or materials to supply, no instructor to pay, no room to rent. Security guard firms are relieved of the costs and burdens of creating, duplicating, and maintaining state-approved curricula.

Students sign up for and complete the necessary courses at any time, any place, using any web-enabled device. Progress tracking and delivery of certificates of completion to submit for a license are automated.

For example, a firm has a total of 1,000 security guards on its payroll, but just 20 active users logged on to the LMS for a mix of initial licensing classes and some courses for additional training or re-certification during the month. The firm would pay Defencify $540.

Base Monthly Subscription Fee: $300
20 courses x $12/active user: $240
Monthly Total Training Expenses: $540

Nowhere else can security guard firms large or small find this level of training content quality, consistency, and flexibility for this price. Plus, every subscription includes access to the Defencify portal to monitor all employees’ progress toward licensing and re-certification. All employee data is stored in the cloud for an instant centralized proof source when training compliance must be verified.

The Defencify online training platform allows security guard firms to drastically cut training expenditures by eliminating live instructors for basic role and responsibility training and the associated costs of room rental and meals, and instead access state-certified training on a consumption/pay-as-you-go basis.

Allow in-house instructors to focus on specialized hands-on CPR or firearms training where live training is a must, for example. Use the Defencify platform to push out updates, notices, or changes in security policy to entire workforces and have a digital record of when each employee opened and read the document for compliance purposes.

Beyond the hard costs of training, Defencify can help reduce the overall complexity of your training program, streamlining processes and boosting efficiencies to save even more. Contact us to learn how you can transform your firm’s training operations and redirect resources to other priorities.


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