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Finding Effective Online Security Guard Training

This week we’re discussing what to look for in finding effective online security guard training.

When searching for a high-quality, effective online security guard training, there are several criteria to consider. 


One criterion is finding training that meets state-specific and location-specific regulations. You don’t want your security company liable for inadequate training that doesn’t meet state requirements that could cost you thousands of dollars in fines. 



✅ We are uniquely positioned to provide training that is state-approved . We provide companies with detailed reporting of their employee’s training, certifications which are stored indefinitely online, on the cloud.


Did you know? Because the minimum age to become a security guard is 18, courses should have a requirement that students have completed high school before enrolling in a guard course. The job of a security officer is not one to be taken lightly and you are responsible for ensuring they meet the requirements.  


✅ To enroll in Defencify courses, students must be 18. 

Another important criterion to look at is finding truly engaging and interactive training content, not just an online slide deck with blurry pictures, mundane content, and monotonous voiceover. Your employees should be interested and involved in the training material, so they’ll be committed to finishing their courses for retention and be on their way to becoming a security officer.. 


nature & role of private security training

✅ Defencify offers fun, interactive courses that keep students engaged and attentive. With our design, user experience, and multimedia, the online instruction is a richer and more effective learning experience than traditional in-classroom methods.

In addition, you want courses that are going to prepare your employees for the real world. They should not be able to complete a 2-hour rated course in 10 minutes. Effective training courses should ensure the storyline is locked down and cannot be easily skipped with the click of the mouse. This is not the place for students to be cutting corners. Rather, students should complete training that mirrors real-life scenarios and situations. Your clients and the public are counting on them to know what to do and what not to do.



✅ Defencify’ s courses prepare students for the real world. Our life-based scenarios train students on exactly what to expect as a security officer and how to solve problems that arise in their field. Our course structure doesn’t let students skip past important material. Students are required to complete all scenarios and situations before moving onto the next training module.


The training platform should also allow students to start, stop, and resume from where they left off. This eliminates student frustration because they can train for as long or as short as they want and complete the training on their own time. In this way, online training is a smart, convenient alternative to live, in-classroom training, not a hassle. 


✅ With our courses, students can pause and resume from where they left off at their convenience. Students can also take advantage of Defencify’ s mobile and tablet-friendly optimization, making learning on-the-go a no-brainer.

mobile vs desktop users

Going along with this idea of students training at their own pace, online security guard training should be mobile-friendly. In fact, a recent study from Statcounter has shown that 51.33% of internet users prefer their mobile phone compared to desktop users who come in at 49.5%. These stats make catering to mobile users a necessity for businesses who want to prosper in 2020 and beyond. 



✅ Defencify’s courses are mobile-friendly so students can learn anytime, anywhere. 


Are the courses developed by subject matter experts? Companies need specialists who know what they’re doing and provide courses that will enable guards to do their jobs safely and successfully


✅ Our courses are created by security operations experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in the security guard industry.

To learn more about how Defencify can benefit your security guard company, be sure to ask for a free student account and complete some of the training yourself to see what Defencify courses have to offer or ask to schedule a free demo with us. 

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