Defencify: Helping Train Small Security Guard Firms

All contract security guard firms are challenged to maintain staffing levels in an industry marked by high turnover. Keeping the training pipeline stocked with qualified candidates is a top priority, but the traditional method of in-person training is often not the best option.

Most large contract security guard companies have the resources and infrastructure needed to conduct training for new hires in-house. They have their own branded courseware, classrooms, and full-time instructors. They probably have a full-time administrator responsible for scheduling, record keeping, and compliance monitoring.

But most smaller security firms do not have that luxury. Chances are the owner and management team wear multiple hats, handling everything from recruiting to sales while ensuring all employees are up to date on their certification status. If the office isn’t large enough to accommodate a training room, space must be rented. If the training is conducted by management, that’s time not spent performing other duties or growing the business. If the training is facilitated by a third-party instructor there will be a bill for that, plus the costs of developing certified courseware and materials for every student.

In most states, mandatory unarmed security guard training is neither quick nor cheap. California, for example, requires security officers complete 8 hours of pre-license training and 32 hours of continuing education to obtain a state-issued Guard Card. Most states have similar standards.

All Security Guard Firms Are Held to The Same Training Standards

Contract security guard companies are required to train all new hires to the same state-approved standards regarding a guard’s legal rights and job responsibilities, the limits of their authority, the proper use of force – and be able to present proof of certification for each guard when asked – or run the risk of legal fines and lawsuits for negligence. So, what is a small contract security guard firm without these capabilities to do?

Solution 1: Hire Security Officers With Current State-issued Guard Cards

Security guard firms not able to conduct internal training or cover the cost of live instructors can hire security officers who have current state-issued Guard Cards. While an effective practice to circumvent the time and expense of offering guard training, firms pursuing this method are missing out on a substantial source of new applicants. Besides limiting themselves to hiring unemployed guards who may have been dismissed for any number of reasons, or poaching guards unhappy with their present employer, small firms risk hiring personnel who may not be trained to company standards, or undeserving of another chance.

Solution 2: Migrate to Defencify's Online security Guard Training Platform

Migrate to an online, self-paced training solution. Defencify offers modernized, interactive, remote training designed specifically for the security guard industry. The Defencify online security guard training platform is the answer for small security guard firms seeking to grow and keep the candidate pipeline full to produce a steady stream of qualified employees ready to get their Guard Cards.

Rather than wait until a classroom fills, new hires can get started immediately and take classes wherever and whenever it is convenient for them using any device – computer, tablet, or smartphone. Students can start, pause, resume, and repeat modules as needed, eliminating challenges to location, schedule, and other obligations that deter attendance at live training events.

Why is Defencify The Small Security Firm’s Best Training Option?

  • Defencify opens access to larger labor pools through affordable online training modules – some courses are as little as $19 per head – eliminating the need for an instructor and the expenses associated with live in-person training.
  • Defencify courses are created by experienced curriculum developers working in partnership with state licensing authorities to ensure content surpasses the minimum training requirements for an unarmed security officer license in each state where Defencify is certified.
  • The Defencify platform indefinitely stores proof of education and certification for every employee in the cloud to meet compliance and audit requirements without any added financial burden to the firm.

Keep the candidate pipeline full, minimize expenses, and focus on building the business. The Defencify platform is the industry’s best option for small security guard firms that do not have the resources to produce courseware and conduct live training in-house. Why would you when we’ve done the work for you? Find out more at www.defencifytraining.com

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