The Importance of Mobile-Optimization In Adult eLearning

In 2021, mobile optimization training is important now more than ever. In fact, a January 2021 study discovered that 56% of people worldwide use their phone as opposed to 41% who use a desktop. This means having mobile-friendly training is crucial to having a successful business as over half of people prefer their phone usage over a desktop. 


Help Keep People Safe 

With COVID concerns, many people are avoiding in-person training and are learning from their home. Providing online training that’s mobile-optimized helps keep people safe. This gives students more options to learn as some people like learning on their phone while avoiding COVID exposure. 


Learning On-The-Go

Many students are busy and need the option of on-the-go learning. Providing mobile-friendly courses allow students to learn on the bus, in a coffee shop, a library, or anywhere they choose. You can also help your students further by letting them learn at their own pace and schedule. Your business will thrive by utilizing the benefits of mobile-optimization. 



According to a 2021 study, 88% of mobile time is spent on apps and the number is steadily growing. This percentage indicates the importance of having an app for your business. If you don’t know how to build an app, there are plenty of app developers who can assist you in creating an app that gives students a positive experience with your training. 



As you can see, it’s vital to a successful business to have mobile-optimized training. Doing so limits COVID exposure, helps students learn from the device of their choice, and helps them learn from anywhere. 

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