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Which States Allow Online Unarmed Security Guard Training?

You are thinking about becoming an unarmed security guard but there are some training requirements to complete before earning your license.

Flexibility and Convenience of Online Training

If given a choice, would you rather sit in a small classroom for three or four days listening to an instructor tell security war stories and watch stale videos and PowerPoints, or complete the training wherever and whenever it is convenient for you – like your living room couch – on your own PC, laptop, or tablet? We thought so.

The Defencify online training platform offers a better way for candidates to complete their unarmed security officer training to fulfill their licensing commitments.

A List of States that Allow Online Security Guard Training

Fortunately, a growing list of states agree. They have authorized their licensing authorities (sometimes called the Department of Public Safety (DPS), Department of Commerce, or State Licensing Bureau) to accept certificates of completion from online/remote training courseware providers as a substitute for attending live instructor-led unarmed security guard training sessions.

The caveat is that online courseware topics, length, and content must meet the minimum requirements as set forth by each state. To ensure that all Defencify courses meet or exceed state-specified training requirements, our team of curriculum designers works in partnership with the state licensing authorities to produce courseware using modern eLearning technologies and techniques that will yield a state-approved certificate of completion that students can submit for a license, or Guard Card.

When you take a remote unarmed security guard training course from Defencify, rest assured it will provide the credentials you need to get started on a new career.

Defencify's Range of Courses for Unarmed Security Guards

Currently Defencify offers a library of over 20 courses ranging in length from one to 40 hours. All courses are accessible on demand, are 100% online and self-paced, can be paused and repeated as necessary, and provide a downloadable certificate for proof of completion.

Defencify courses are currently approved for unarmed security guard licensing and continuing education/license renewal in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah

Planning on moving to one of these states? You don’t need to be a current resident of the state to complete the course. Take it now, and arrive in your new home state with Guard Card in hand, ready to get right to work.

In addition to state-specific licensing courses, Defencify also offers general courses on topics such as Professional Conduct and Ethics, Power to Arrest, COVID-19 in Work Environments, and Use of Force. These classes are certified across multiple jurisdictions.

Get Started with Defencify - The Online Training Solution

Defencify courses can be purchased by individuals seeking to get their Guard Card prior to applying for positions with contract security firms, or they can be offered by security guard firms through their online learning management system (LMS). Don't have an LMS? Use ours. We’ll even customize the portal and courseware to match your corporate brand and identity.

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Find the growing list of states that accept Defencify’s online certifications and courseware titles guaranteed to satisfy state licensing requirements at

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