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Defencify and TrackTik, Security Software Integration Facilitates Your Guard Training and Licensing

As businesses migrate to the cloud there’s been a big push for software integration and interoperability across multiple platforms and applications, allowing information to be entered and accessed from anywhere. This article discusses how the Defencify and TrackTik, security software integration does just that, while ramping up your company's guard training and licensing.

We’ve seen it in the healthcare, insurance, finance, and retail markets to name a few, but it seems this wave of digital transformation has yet to wash over the security guard industry.

Defencify believes it is time security guard firms enjoy the same workflow efficiencies as other people-centric industries, and is calling on you to help amplify our collective voice to encourage software developers to enhance security software integration going forward.

The Security Guard Management Disconnect

Like other industries, security guard managers and HR administrators use multiple software applications to run the business; they’re not stuck in the Stone Age.

There is an app for onboarding and terminating employees, one for scheduling, one for timesheets, one for payroll, one for tracking license expirations and renewals, one for incident reporting, another for the learning management system (LMS) (like Defencify), and perhaps a few more.

The trouble is, they don’t talk to each other. That means admins are constantly logging on and off a handful of independent systems, managing multiple apps and passwords as they manually enter the same data into several different software programs – for every employee, every single day.

This redundant process takes time, is a drag on employee productivity, and is prone to data entry errors and omissions. Where is the digital transformation for the security industry?

Defencify and TrackTik Security Software Integration: It’s a Start

As a provider of one of the core applications at every security guard company – LMS and customized online training content – Defencify believes software developers with offerings in the security industry should be investing in open-source software and APIs (Application Program Interface).

These tools that allow different software packages to communicate with each other and streamline operations by enabling data to be entered once and ported into the proper fields in related applications.

Toward that end, Defencify has entered into a partnership with TrackTik, one of the leading guard force management platforms, to develop a solution that will allow for robust integration between the TrackTik platform and Defencify’s LMS.

As an example, part of the TrackTik platform is a guard scheduling program. But different clients may have specific requirements and qualifications for guards prior to assignment.

They may have to be certified for use in a specific report writing app, patrol techniques, or must have completed COVID-19 protocol training, for example.

That may require consulting three different databases to compile a list of qualified employees for that account.

Part of the integration initiative includes adding functionality that would enable the TrackTik admin to access the Defencify LMS data to instantly generate a list of guards eligible for immediate assignment at a particular location, speeding scheduling.

But now let’s assume the administrator needs to schedule a guard who does not yet have the necessary skills or qualifications. With integration between the Defencify LMS and TrackTik, the admin can see which guards are lacking training, assign the necessary modules through the TrackTik scheduling platform based on an expiring skill, a license coming up for renewal, or a site-specific training requirement, etc.

The employee receives an email alert “New Course Assigned” from the Defencify LMS. Upon completion of the training, the LMS sends course completion information back to the TrackTik application, which then automatically updates guard status and eligibility for future assignment at the client site. Now that’s integration!

Defencify stands at the forefront of the industry, encouraging these types of alliances to allow for faster dissemination of critical information across multiple software applications, enabling security guard companies to increase efficiencies.

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