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Defencify’s Smart Gamification-Based Training Strategy

Gamification in the training world means using aspects such as rewards and challenges and incorporating it into your product or service. Doing so boosts participation and captivation with your training. Defencify’s online security guard courses use gamification to make our training both educational and engaging

Advantages to Gamification 


Gamification drives engagement and participation. With gamification-based training, students feel accomplished and proud as they earn points and rewards to successfully pass course modules. 

In a 2013 study from the Universidad de La Laguna entitled, “Breaking the Rules: Gamification of Learning and Educational Materials,” researchers discovered: 

Gamification works to satisfy some of the most fundamental human desires: recognition and reward, status, achievement...self-expression, and altruism. People are hungry for these things both in their everyday world and online. Gamification taps directly into this (González, Carina & Area, Manuel).  

Defencify security guard training

With Defencify’s security guard courses, we use gamification to boost student’s interest in learning about the security officer position. Our interactive training concepts are presented in short, stimulating bursts so information is digested and remembered easily. Interactive activities help make courses fun, and games allow students to test their knowledge while earning badges and medals along the way in an achievement-based approach. 

In James Paul's “What Videogames Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy,” he maintains: 

Good video games are “machines for learning” since they incorporate some of the most important learning principles postulated by today’s cognitive science...Good games are capable of presenting users with tasks that are challenging, but at the same time doable. This is essential to maintaining motivation throughout the learning process (Paul, James)

Defencify’s courses allow students to learn while playing interactive games, listening to stimulating voiceovers, and be presented with real-life scenarios that arise as a security officer. 

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