Making the Most of Security Guard Site Audits

Every day, every night, your team of field supervisors drives around town, checking in on client sites and the guards assigned to patrol them to make sure everything is okay. Usually, these visits are unannounced

Security Guard Site Audits: Why do they happen?

The supervisor may want to do a spot uniform inspection, make sure the officer is carrying a valid Guard Card, or simply check that the guard is not asleep on the job. Sometimes there is an additional purpose, like dropping off new uniforms or supplies. But oftentimes these visits come across as spying missions, making the guards feel like they are being monitored and unfairly scrutinized.

Removing the stigma of these visits (oh no, the boss is here) is critical to improving teamwork and communication, and ultimately, guard performance and customer satisfaction.

In truth, supervisors should be viewing these audits as more than spot checks to make sure guards are doing their jobs; they are opportunities to show support and build rapport with their team.

Make the most of out of their security guard site audits:

Here are some ideas to help supervisors make the most of out of their security guard site audits:

  • Your guards are your eyes on the front lines; they are the ones patrolling the properties. While accompanying a guard on their sweep, don’t just point out what they should be looking for or could be doing better, get their input as to how security services may be improved at the site. They’ll appreciate the chance to be heard.

  • Adopt a mentorship attitude. Impart knowledge from your experiences. Review policies and procedures to make sure they know the proper way to execute tasks or write up a report.

  • Have nothing to bring in the way of supplies? Bring a cup of coffee on a cold night to show you care. Sit down and have a conversation about how the shift is going. Ask if there is anything they need, like access to bathroom facilities, a fan, or a heater.

Treating employees with respect goes a long way towards improving guard retention rates and performance. Site audits do not have to be viewed as a necessary evil, and indeed can be an employee relations tool if executed in a friendly manner.

We offer this advice because at Defencify, our goal is to raise the performance level and help security guard companies retain the best talent over time, ensuring everyone’s success.

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